Top Three Drupal Hosting Recommendations for Maximizing Performance

drupal performance hostingDrupal is known for its ability to do just about anything and handle large amounts of content extremely well. The more you have on your site, though, the slower it becomes – aggravating your visitors. But no matter if you’re selling flip flops or promoting your cousin’s band on Drupal, every second of load time impacts your ability to convert. In fact, recent studies show that online visitors will leave sites that take just four seconds to load. So what do you do? Consider these three Drupal hosting recommendations:

  1. Clean up your code. Make sure you use best practices for PHP coding and object orientation versus scripting for your site. Tools, like Jenkins, can help you find any errors that you might already have in your code.
  2. Leverage new storage technologies. New storage technologies exist today that can deliver a faster return on your data. Memecache, Reddis, and MariaDB all will help with your application caching to offload the processing required to serve your site.
  3. Invest in your infrastructure. Though Drupal system requirements state that a minimum of 15 MB of disk space is required, they still recommend at least 60. Files and images require more storage space and we suggest that you actually start with 1 GB of disk space for the best Drupal hosting environment. Further, invest in a VPS or dedicated server to host your site. Shared servers typically have significant limitations on available resources and will not allow you to do the customizations you may need to optimize your site.

These are just three of the ways you can boost your Drupal website’s performance. Before hosting with anyone, be sure to get a site audit and understand just where you can optimize your code and configurations before purchasing an environment. This webinar has a lot of additional information on open source (including Drupal) hosting recommendations and is hosted by two of our resident Drupal experts. Watch it now or contact us to get more information on Drupal web hosting. 


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